There is a drama in truth

Rather than fiction, we valorize the challenges met by the leader and the trials of people working on site.
Throughout the ages, true stories of how difficulties have been overcome have demonstrated the power to encourage people .
By remaining focused and undistracted by current trends, heroes retain the power to move the minds of people.

Pictures are a means to get across ‘facts that cannot be expressed in words’.

Transcending cultures, we propose messages that can be understood both in Japan and overseas.
We effectively communicate messages from management, group leaders and local staff.
To create polished documentary-form narrative content, including the selection of effective music, we completely plan and carry out video projects from scripting, material collection and processing, shooting, and video editing.

PR & Highlights

  • 国際平和のための世界経済人会議 (広島県) Highlight
  • World Marketing Summit Japan 2016 PV
  • World Marketing Summit Japan 2015 Highlight
  • World Marketing Summit Japan 2015: Welcome Party at Lexus Intersect
  • World Marketing Summit Japan 2014 PV
  • コトラー教授の知られざる魅力


  • David Aaker
  • Al Rise
  • Don Shultzt
    There is a drama in truth
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